The Gallery

The Potteries

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Title:                  ‘Tiger Tiger’

Media:               Watercolour paint, pencil crayon, oil pastel

Topic:                 Stoke-on-Trent

Class:                 Year 3B

Artist:                Emillie Jones


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Title:                  ‘Beanstalk’

Media:               paint

Topic:                 Jack and the Beanstalk

Class:                 Nursery and Reception

Artist:                Grace Baddley


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Title:                  ‘Polar’

Media:               Pencil crayon

Topic:                Polar

Class:                 Year 1M

Artist:                Miley Ferneyhough

London Burns

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Title:                  ‘London Burns’

Media:               Paint and paper

Topic:                 The Great fire of London

Class:                 Year 2F

Artist:                Alexia Hopper


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Title:                  ‘Volcano’

Media:               Paint


Class:                 Reception & Nursery

Artist:                Lamisah Rahman


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Title:                  ‘Me’

Media:               Pens

Topic:                 Wonderful Me

Class:                 Reception & Nursery

Artist:                Isra Hasan


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Title:                  ‘Woof’

Media:               Felt pens

Topic:                 Psychedelic Art

Class:                 Year 6W

Artist:                Bethany Brant

Camouflage Chameleon

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Title:                  ‘Camouflage Chameleon’

Media:               Oil pastel and paint

Topic:                 Rainforest animals

Class:                 Year 3B

Artist:                Kallium Hughes


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Title:                  ‘Aztec’

Media:               Mixed media

Topic:                South America

Class:                 Year 5L

Artist:                Grace Jackson

Aztec Sun God

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Title:                  ‘Sun God’

Media:               Clay

Topic:                 Aztecs

Class:                 Year 6W

Artist:                Melike Sengal